About Us

We know a thing or two about weddings. After all, we are a married couple ourselves! I think that mostly makes us wedding experts. One of the things we remember about our wedding day is just how quickly it went. It was a bit of a blur to us and by the end, we were wishing we had better visual representation of the entire day to reflect on in the future. Since we started documenting weddings in 2012, we have really perfected our craft and recognize that couples constantly want a reminder of their love and commitment to each other. That is what we are about at Bokeh Film Studios.


With an extensive background in music, Mike has always had a passion for art of storytelling. Maybe that is why his wedding videos are more like short cinematic films than traditional point-and-shoot videos and why selecting the perfect music is just as important to his films as the images themselves. He started creating videos for his church and shot his first wedding for a friend back in 2012. From there he has studied cinematography from industry professionals from around the world in order to develop his own personal style. On top of filming and editing his own weddings, he has been asked to shoot and edit wedding films professionally for companies out of NYC. More than anything, he loves working with his wife as they travel the country documenting wedding stories for couples who are truly in love.



Kristen has always had an eye for the creative. She graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Art and has used both her studies as well as her creative eye to build an entire photography business on her own! She seriously has a passion for love stories and literally cries at just about anything romantic. She started turning a simple hobby into a professional business starting around 2012 when she was asked to photograph her first wedding. From there she has studied the art of photography, as well as editing, and honed her craft into a business sought after by couples looking for a wedding photographer as well as industry professionals looking for event and headshot photography. She is fun and personable. So much so that almost every couple we book instantly turn from clients into friends. After all, she does invite you over for dinner simply to hear your story so that we can prepare a personalize wedding package just for you.