We use the term CINEMATOGRAPHER rather than videographer because we capture more of a story-based film than simply setting up a camera and recording the wedding. We love stories. Especially love stories! We love to think of ourselves as professional filmmakers who shoot weddings.

HIGHLIGHT FILMS are the main piece created from your wedding footage and depending on the amount of coverage recorded at your wedding and the package option, it can be from 4-20 minutes long. This film is the best edit that we can create and features detailed story-based video editing, audio design, color correction and industry standard file processing up to 4k in quality. This is the edit you will most likely want to share with all your friends and family.

DOCUMENTARY EDIT is a chronological account of the entire wedding day broken into sections. Here you will find preparation, ceremony, vows, reception, speeches, dances, cake cutting, and all other footage in this cut of your wedding. The ceremony, speeches and dances are professionally recorded with multiple audio sources so you can hear your vows, any readings, the best man/maid of honor’s speeches and the songs you and your parents dance to. We shoot with multiple cameras so that every angle and every second is covered.

Music helps us take your videos and turn them into feature films! Seeing as it is illegal to use copy written music without proper licensing for your edits, we pay for the use of LICENSED MUSIC from or to complete your wedding films. If you find any selections on the sites that you especially like, let us know and we’ll do our best to fit the music into your films.